“Wherever you are on your journey of faith . . .”

img_9937a-2With the words “Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome at this table,” all are invited to join together around the communion table. We are invited to be the body of Christ in the world today, and this act of remembrance is at the core of all worship at Trinity. Gathering at the table and breaking bread together unites us in the Risen Christ and strengthens us for the work of the week ahead.

As a community, we are sensitive to the need for ritual expression that includes all people, and reflects a changing world where the diversity of all people—all of our various human attributes—are worthy of acceptance and welcome. Trinity allows for a broader idea of what God is in our lives, a nurturing and generous God bringing forth a message of abundance, of justice, of generosity and hospitality that challenges us to live in a new way. The Eucharistic meal belongs to God and when we are all fed, it is a radical witness of inclusion and nurturing.

Worship services.

Worship at Trinity combines traditional high church liturgy, honoring historical expression and rituals as well as providing for the expression of diverse metaphors, inclusive language, and creative ritual to deepen the liturgical experience for all who are present.

Two main services on Sunday mornings provide the opportunity to experience the liturgy in different ways. The 8:00 service is a more traditional Rite II service, while the 10:00 service is a more liturgically diverse choral Eucharist.

At one of our parish conversations, a parishioner commented that her worship experience at Trinity has been notable for the way that “liturgy, music, and preaching come together to create a flow . . . a sense of mind, body, and soul united.”

Contemplative practices.

Along with communal worship, Trinity also provides opportunities for learning about and participating in contemplative practices. These include contemplative prayer gatherings in the Trinity Chapel,  School of the Heart, and the weekly Base Community Bible Study. These and many other offerings are more fully described in the “Adult Formation” section of this Portfolio. Many of Trinity’s contemplative practices are led by lay persons, who are urged to bring forth and share their gifts for the communal good. In fact we encourage lay leaders to enter into a process for discerning and sharing these gifts with the community, thus enriching their own lives and the life of the parish. Such programs as the Wisdom Group and our Circles of Trust began in just this way.

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