The Trinity Mission

Trinity Episcopal Church is a community of persons who come from theologically diverse traditions. We are seekers of meaning in our lives, and we find ourselves nourished by the central messages of love, justice, and inclusivity. Our theology is progressive, but we also honor and incorporate other traditions. We believe in the sharing of ministry with our rector; we are committed to social justice; we love our worship liturgies and glorious music; and we seek to achieve a genuine welcoming environment that embraces all who enter our orbit. This is our mission statement:

“As God’s people, we will share the love of God in a way that nurtures body, mind, and spirit. Demonstrating God’s love for the world, we will serve a diverse population and accept one another without reservations. By including all people as one family in worship and service to God, we are all empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit to continue the work of Jesus Christ.”

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