• Vestry

The vestry is made up of 12 members, with 4 new members being elected each year at the annual meeting to 3-year terms. A candidate for the vestry must be a member of the church (baptized as a Christian, at least 18 years old, and a pledger or contributor of record) and either confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. The vestry has the authority to fill an unexpired term in the event of the resignation or death of a member.

The rector appoints the senior warden, and the members of the vestry appoint the junior warden, clerk and treasurer. These five persons comprise the Executive Committee. The treasurer is not required to be a member of the vestry, and in that case attends vestry and Executive Committee meetings but does not vote. The executive committee has the authority to carry on the business of the vestry between regular meetings, which take place on the fourth Wednesday of the month. The associate rector attends vestry and Executive Committee meetings, but is not a member. Other standing committees are the vestry Nominating Committee, the Finance Committee, the Stewardship Committee, and the Investment Committee. The vestry appoints special committees and task forces to research and make recommendations on a variety of important issues.

Vestry members strive to remind themselves and each other that they are doing the work of God. At vestry meetings reflection, patience, listening, prayer, and mutual respect are stressed. Decisions are usually reached through consensus.

Below, please find our current vestry, grouped by classes.

Claude Garciacelay – Senior Warden

Patsy Price – Junior Warden

Michael Dean – Treasurer

Melinda Carey – Clerk

Kaye Cantu

Elaine Christ

Jean Davis

John Gannon

Steve Kriz

Kate McDonald

Mandy Phillips

Kathleen Rogers

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