• Staff

Our wonderful staff members are shown below with their names and titles. The rector and associate rector are full time positions. The others are part-time staff. It should also be noted here that Trinity is greatly blessed to have a large number of non-stipendiary clergy in our congregation who generously offer their services, especially during vacations and sabbaticals and during the holy seasons.

The Rev. Canon Mark E. Asman

The Rev. Canon Mark E. Asman – Rector

The Rev. Carren Sheldon

The Rev. Carren Sheldon – Associate Rector

Grey Brothers

Grey Brothers – Minister of Choral & Congregational Music

Elizabeth Hess

Elizabeth Hess – Coordinator of Children’s Ministries

Judith Torres

Judith Torres – Coordinator for Shared Ministries

Libby Yardi, Coordinator of Youth Ministries

Libby Yardi – Coordinator of Youth Ministries

Thomas Joyce

Thomas Joyce – Minister of Keyboard Music

Katrina Perez

Katrina Perez – Administrative Assistant

Hanna Ruth Brothers

Hannah Ruth Brothers – Administrative Assistant

Miguel Toscano

Miguel Toscano – Sexton

Jan Fadden – Parish Nurse

Jan Fadden – Parish Nurse

Cami Segna

Cami Segna – Business Manager

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