“Making the ordinary extraordinary . . .”

Pacific PrideHospitality is a universal value at Trinity, based on our commitment to welcoming and including all who come to our community. Because hospitality ministries need a base, the Hospitality Council is the actual “big tent” where they are housed. The many parishioners who volunteer their support to hospitality ministries cite many rewards for their time and talents. Among them are acting as the “face” of Trinity to newcomers; working in community to build community; and feeling cared for by caring for others.


DSC_0179Trinity parishioners love to gather, and the Hospitality Council provides many ways to do that.

  • We gather at Coffee Hour, a time following each Sunday service when parishioners, guests, and newcomers come together for refreshments and fellowship. We gather in the summer months around the Abundance Table, a Sunday offering where parishioners joyously give and receive from the abundance of their gardens and fruit trees.
  • The council’s Special Events Team coordinates the volunteer help needed for such annual gatherings as the Harvest Dinner, our Annual Meeting, and the Parish Picnic.
  • Not all of our gatherings occur on-site. The Newcomers’ Event is a quarterly event at the rectory, hosted by the rector and members of the council, for those who are new to Trinity or are considering joining our community. Dinner with Friends is a relaxed opportunity to get to know fellow parishioners over small potluck meals in individuals’ homes or other informal settings.
  • The Trinity Kitchen Guild might be described as a backbone of gatherings. Formed to ensure that our new commercial kitchen is maintained at the highest standards, the guild also supports—either directly or indirectly—many of our onsite celebrations. Food for offsite gatherings or ministries is also often prepared here. The guild also educates us about recycling, composting, and water-saving practices, which are strongly-held parish commitments.
  • Trinity Backstage is a series of concerts held quarterly in the Parish Hall, featuring world class folk and acoustic singer-songwriters. Delicious homemade desserts are available before the performance and at intermission. Proceeds from Trinity Backstage benefit our Justice and Outreach ministries.

Special care.

404Much of the hospitality offered at Trinity takes the form of providing special care.

  • Helping Hands is a ministry that offers short term support such as meals, errands, and transportation to parishioners who need assistance due to illness or other challenging circumstances.
  • Trinity knitters, through our Prayer Shawl Ministry, create beautiful shawls which are blessed at the altar on the first Sunday of the month. The shawls are provided to parishioners at their request to give to people they know who are in physical or emotional distress, so that through the shawls they can be wrapped in the warmth and comfort of our prayers
  • Trinity’s Pastoral Care Team is a small group of trained visitors who bring communion and companionship to our homebound parishioners. At the end of each Sunday service, before the dismissal, the congregation blesses the team member who will be taking communion to our homebound friends during the coming week.
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